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We're launching the 2017 Annual Fund Drive to raise $475,000 to benefit the campership program and operations. Your generosity to help youth grow in wisdom, stature, in favor with God, and in favor with one another is vital. Will you support Manito-wish by sending a gift today?

Camp Manito-wish YMCA has continued to teach our kids the importance of leadership, character, self-awareness, and ones' responsibility to their community. Lessons of honesty and integrity are slipped into their everyday activities, and seeing that said emotional growth over the course of 4 weeks, is simply put: incredible. It is with the most humblest of gratitude, that I thank the staff, alumni, and investors who keep such a valuable program stronger than ever. The experiences our children have and continue to receive are positively life-changing. Break out the oars!

Did you know that registrations for the 2017 Summer Camp, Outpost and Leadership Programs are underway? We're preparing to provide an impactful Manito-wish experience to the next generation of campers. The actual cost of a two-week program is $2,140. Your gift to the Annual Fund Drive for camperships provides for access to Manito-wish programs regardless of financial circumstances.

Ever since I stepped foot here at Manito-wish, my cabin, North Cabin has grown to be a family together. We have grown into knowing each other, how we work as well as our feelings and emotions.

  • We know how to step into each others shoes to see how others are feeling in certain situations as when I hurt my ankle on trail, my friend let me use one of his trekking poles so I could keep going.
  • When we had Iron Chef a few nights ago, I saw that we could all adapt to our mystery ingredient (cheese powder) and use it in our dish.
  • I also saw that we used our resources in which some of us were manning the fire, others were cooking and others were writing the back story.
  • I saw that on trail, we were all resilient and hiked through the nasty rain all day.
  • We all held each other accountable by using our cabin's full value contract which we all made up together.
  • We all respected each other, our belongings and camp property.
  • All of us as North Cabin will be able to remember this great time as a family and will be able to keep the skills we learned and take them to our everyday lives.

We'd like to thank Manito-wish in providing such a great experience for us all and hope to all come back next year for it all to happen again.

Let's make this the best Manito-wish year ever! We've got a great team of staff, committed Board of Directors, and the best Camp in the Land! All that is left is to have the support of our caring community. Please make your gift today! Thank you for your consideration.